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Princess Bin No.08 , Series No.02 (Limited Edition Prints)

Princess Bin No.08 , Series No.02 (Limited Edition Prints)

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Princess Bin No.08, Series No.02 (Limited Edition Prints)

Tommy Daenguthai  Princess Bin No.08 , Series No.02 (Limited Edition Prints) 2022

This is all original Artwork Titled;- Princess Bin No.08 , Series No.02

Limited Edition exclusively - ( 25 Prints of each Artwork the Princess Bin Series will be available release exclusively  by Mix The Arts Studio

Original artwork Mediums - Cardboard Mixed Mediums


Catalogue Type :~ (Princess BinmCollection)

Artist :~ Tommy Daenguthai .

Print Title :~ Princess Bin No.08 , Series No.02

Medium Type :~ Coloured Print on Archive Paper Card.

Created Year :~ 2022 Edition

Paper Print Size (21.9cm x 29.0cm)

EACH $25.00 EACH

“Princess Bin” ( Series 2) was inspired by the well know Australia white ibis ie, Bin Chicken.

This series of Paper Cutting Design works was inspired by a rare up close experience with this bird

Thomas Captured and framed his design process when he saw this bird taking a bath and drinks the water in the heart of Brisbane City that the renowned Culture Centre.

 In our urban Cities, many Ibis’s scrounge for a living by scavenging the rubbish bins and in our city parks, and their plumage becomes soiled by refuse. But this Ibis was so cleanly groomed  ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you “Princess Bin”.


This artworks Are Inspired by and learning from, World Renowned Kirigami Artist:-<ELYSHA REI-Arts> e: w: IG: @elysharei

***Japanese paper cutting***

Japanese paper cutting is called Kirie or Kirigami (literally meaning cut picture). It is said to have developed after 610 AD when Tesuki Washi paper, invented in China, was brought to Japan by Doncho, a Buddhist monk from Korea. Reference Credits - Papercutting ( Paper-cutting , From Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia )

Thomas plays with texture and reduced colour palate in this lined composition, creating atmosphere and mood within form in this mixed media artwork. 

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